In 2020, it won the national high-tech enterprise certification for the third time; obtained the certification of intellectual property management system again; obtained 4 invention patents, 4 utility model patents,

               8 software copyright patent certificates; obtained enterprise AAA certificate;

Obtained Shenzhen Software Enterprise Certificate and Software Product Certificate in 2019;

In 2018, obtained the design and service certificate of the ISO quality management system handheld communication terminal; the shipment of smart hardware products increased by more than three times year-on-year;

In 2017, it won the national high-tech enterprise certification again; obtained the intellectual property management system certification;

In 2016, it was funded by the innovation project of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and gradually expanded the scope of the company's intelligent customization business;

In 2015, we fully transformed the smart hardware customization business, and launched smart blood glucose meters, smart cat eyes, smart children's toys and other products;

In 2014, it entered the overseas smartphone market, and the number of complete machine shipments gradually increased, reaching more than 300K orders per month in the second half of the year;

In 2013, Kazuo Wireless K-Free terminal brand was launched and began to design and manufacture smart phones and feature phones. The main service was based on OEM/ODM;

In 2012, it was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certification and the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification at the same time;

              Marvell, Spreadtrum platform TD smart phone products were launched, and 8 products passed the China Mobile storage test;

In 2011, passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification;

In 2010, GSM single-chip SOC architecture products were launched; at the end of 2010, the research and development of smart terminals was launched; annual shipments reached 3 million units;

In 2009, it was recognized as a software company in Shenzhen; the arc-shaped Gionee I8 product was successfully listed, and this plan was bought out by Gionee; the annual shipment reached 1 million units;

In May 2008, Kaifeng Wireless was established, mainly engaged in mobile phone PCBA motherboard business, and dual-screen interactive solutions were launched. Owned dual-screen utility model patents and was selected by Gionee;

              This program has been approved by Hisense and Newman at the same time and has products on the market; Hong Kong Telecom's products selected by this program are sold to Southeast Asian countries;

In 2007, the K-phone solution company was launched. The R&D personnel came from the original Tianyu Langtong R&D team, which was the first batch of mobile phone solution engineers in China;