Talent Concept
Equality and respect, innovation and enterprising, loyal and pragmatic
Equality and respect: treat every employee as a family member, and the family culture of equality and respect is the core value.
Innovative and enterprising: As a large-scale private enterprise in rapid development, continuous innovation and enterprising are the foundation of survival and the way to liveliness. Innovative consciousness and enterprising spirit are important criteria for employment.
Loyalty and pragmatism: Loyalty is a virtue, pragmatism is quality. Willing to work hand in hand with every like-minded and insightful person, and work hard for the beautiful tomorrow of Ri Chuang
Smart hardware solutions
promotion space
promotion space
Engineer-Project Leader-Reserve Manager-Manager-Technical Director
Network Promotion Specialist-Network Marketing Manager-Network Marketing Director
Sales Clerk-Sales Team Leader-Sales Supervisor-Sales Manager-Marketing Director

Welfare treatment
Working hours: Monday to Friday (8:30-18:00);
Contract: The probation period is three months, and the employment contract is signed
Welfare: six social insurance and one housing fund (social insurance + commercial insurance)
Paid annual leave, employee travel, mid-year + year-end bonus, birthday benefits, holiday benefits
Performance Award Outstanding Employee Award Option Dividend