Cash escort solution
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

1. Customer needs

          Due to the long cycle and multiple links of escort personnel changes, vehicle changes, etc., information is difficult to communicate in time, and usually requires special personnel to handle it. At present, the outlets and the escort dispatch center (stationary dispatch) still rely on the traditional telephone communication mode. The personnel cannot know in advance the relevant information of this handover, such as the escort personnel information, the vehicle information, the payment box information, etc., nor can they know when the vehicle will arrive, only relying on the time and experience agreed by both parties; plus some outlets are away from the parking space in the lobby If it is far away, the cashier needs to get off the car to the outlet to check whether it is ready, and wait for the handover, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In addition, the identity verification in the handover process uses the traditional method of checking the card, and there is no identification of the cash box number. There is a risk in the supervision of the cash box. The branch delivery task requires the cashier to fill in the form after the cashier arrives at the branch, and the handover time is long. The handwriting of some documents is not neat, which brings inconvenience to the follow-up work, and the safety of handover needs to be improved.

 2. Program overview

          The escort management plan is based on the current situation of escort work, after a lot of research work and comprehensive demand analysis, using modern information technology, the development of a new generation of financial escort business integrated management information system, close all links of escort, and after long-term practical operation Verification includes functions such as business scheduling, identity recognition, tail box warehousing, GPS vehicle positioning management, and task information query. It aims to help financial escort companies achieve unified control of the cash escort flow process through a professional financial logistics management platform with cash processing business as the core, escort business as the carrier, and information management as the technical support, thereby reducing costs, improving efficiency, and Ensure safety.

Three, program operation flow chart

         Dispatching center uniformly deploys vehicles, personnel, tail boxes, etc.→ supervises task execution, tail box warehousing, etc. during the escort process→ prints on-site handover orders, vehicle delivery orders and other documents after the completion of the branch handover→ system verification


Four, PDA terminal application

         Escort task assignment: The system automatically generates daily tasks, cooperates with mobile terminal equipment to download tasks in real time, and view task execution time. Staff can also scan their personal work cards to view their tasks in real time, realizing internal paperless office.

        The identity verification of the escort personnel: through the ID card identification technology, working hours and work line query, and the escort file information verification downloaded in advance, etc., the escort personnel's identity verification is correct and the handover is correct.

        Cash box handover verification: Barcode identification scanning technology is used to check the cash box information management. There is no need to write bills on site, and at the same time ensure that the cash box information matches the physical objects and accounts.

       Receiving personnel's identity verification: through ID card identification technology and employee equipment number confirmation, the legal authentication of the transfer personnel is realized to ensure the safety of the transfer data transmission, "people are right in the box, and the transfer is correct".

      Real-time upload of delivery information: The electronic information of the handover register and the photos of the handover site are sent to the database of the branch or the financial management center through the terminal in real time, so as to ensure the timeliness of data analysis, detect abnormal alarms in time, and prevent crime.

 5. Customer benefits

        The escort company's vehicles, personnel, personnel equipment, task scheduling, and management of people, property and materials can be monitored and tracked through automatic identification technology, GPS technology and GIS technology, so as to realize effective risk identification and control in the escort process.

        The handover process is simple and standardized: the mobile escort terminal equipment is simple to operate, adaptable, and easy to manage, ensuring that the task information is comprehensive and timely and accurately issued, which is a reliable guarantee for the bank and the security company to do the escort work.

        Accurate identification of the personnel box: check and download the file information of the transfer personnel in advance, and verify the validity of the personnel information in multiple ways according to the outlet, time, personnel, and route; each box has a unique identification code, which is scanned and verified by the terminal at the same time The on-site transfer photos are taken to complete the confirmation, and the multiple verification protection effectively prevents fraud and has a high safety factor.

        Data information management is simple: all detailed records of escort delivery can be directly read into the system through barcode scanning and wireless communication, without manual entry, and various reports can be printed as needed.