Occupy road parking fee management solution
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

With the rapid development of our country’s economy, the number of urban vehicles has doubled year by year, and urban road traffic command and road-occupied parking management are becoming more and more complex. The construction of scientific and intelligent dynamic traffic command management, urban traffic static management and emergency command dispatch The central system has become an urgent requirement for relevant government functional departments to ensure economic construction. Managers can choose to apply economical and stable management procedures according to their own conditions, instead of choosing a high-cost management system because of the lack of information needed at the moment. The following will describe a basic scheme for implementing management requirements with a handheld.

Occupy the road parking lot charging management system function introduction

The system is mainly composed of system modules such as system management, staff management, report query analysis, and handheld charging.

1, system management

Provide the program code and data (settlement amount, etc.) that the handset runs, and receive data such as the time and amount of vehicle in and out from the handset, and save the data in the database to provide a basis for statistics and query reports.

2, staff management

The system administrator can add an operator to the personnel management module and set the operator's authority. The operator logs in to the system according to his own account to ensure the security of system data.

3, report query analysis

Provide daily and monthly income reports for financial management, handheld card swiping, income reports, parking space performance reports, operator daily and monthly turnover reports and other various statistical reports.

4. Handheld charges

    The handheld computer can be solely responsible for part of the work of the computer equipment, so it can reduce the laying of the network, the work process is as follows:

       1) The built-in tariff table of the handheld terminal is uniformly downloaded to the handheld terminal in the corresponding area by the back-end server according to the price standard via the wireless network (GPRS).

2) When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the staff will issue an IC card to the driver. If the driver already has a monthly rental card or a stored-value card, the staff will put the card in the handset like other cards To operate, the handset writes the current system time (automatic) and license plate number (input by staff) into the card, and the driver enters the parking lot with the card; at the same time, the information is uploaded to the server in real time.

3) When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the driver hands the card to the staff, and the staff puts the card in the handheld for operation. The handheld judges the card type and makes corresponding processing. According to the current system time, the vehicle’s status is obtained. Stay time, and automatically calculate the amount payable. If the IC card is a general form of IC card, the driver will pay the amount, and the staff will release the IC card after it is recovered; if the IC card is a stored-value card, the handheld will remove it from the IC card After deduction, the driver will leave with his card. At the same time, the charging information is uploaded to the server.

The handheld device is very convenient to use, does not require a large number of personnel to operate, and does not need to spend too much effort to memorize the license plate number and parking time of the vehicle. The handheld has powerful functions, and memory errors and calculation errors will not occur under normal circumstances. Therefore, the handheld parking lot charging management system has applications in many parking lots.