Food traceability solutions
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

With the help of the latest wireless communication technology, computer technology and two-dimensional code traceability technology, the whole process of food-object, object-machine dialogue from farm to table is realized. Operators at all levels collect food production, processing, inspection, logistics, and logistics through mobile terminals. The business data of warehousing, retail and other links are reported to the server to form a food information database; consumers can check the "ID card" and "resume form" of the food through the Internet, SMS, telephone, Internet, etc.-that is, where it came from and who produced it , When it was produced, whether the intermediate processing link violated regulations, whether it was perfected according to standardization, etc.

The food traceability mobile application solution intervenes from the production link to monitor and scientifically guide the whole process of food planting to improve quality and yield, and contain food quality and safety risks in the field; on the other hand, establish a food QR code traceability platform To inform the public about food production and inspection information, so that consumers can consume with confidence; at the same time, if a quality problem occurs, the supervisory department can quickly trace the source, solve the problem, and avoid the expansion of the situation and social impact.


[Typical case analysis]

Customer profile: COFCO Tunhe Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of fruit and vegetable food in my country. It is mainly engaged in agricultural planting, tomato, sugar, forest fruit, beverage processing and trade business, and is a key leading enterprise in the processing of agricultural products in the country. It has advantageous planting areas in China's Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Hebei and other provinces.

【Application field】

Promote the process of agricultural information management, accelerate the construction of modern agriculture through data collection, GIS system (geographic information system) and mobile communication technology (wireless transmission technology), and improve the basic data reporting, agricultural data accuracy and timeliness of COFCO Tunhe in agricultural management Sexual efficiency, using sufficient mobile technology information resources to serve agriculture, digital planning and design, intelligent control, precise operation and scientific management of each element of agricultural production are conducive to improving the scientific level of corporate decision-making and can reduce Agricultural consumption reduces costs, improves industrial efficiency, and ultimately enhances the competitiveness of COFCO Tunhe in the agricultural market, and accelerates the cultivation and development of new agriculture.