Hardware customization
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

K-freeR&D Center provides long-term customized services of high-standard hardware opening for the actual needs of different customers in different research fields. Customers can define their own product application requirements, and Kazuo will tailor cost-effective embedded applications for you to assist in your project research and development and embedded learning.

Detailed development process of development board customization service:

◆Sign the "Entrusted Development Agreement"

◆Product function requirements and technical feasibility analysis;

◆Technical realization route planning;

◆Propose (submit) technical proposals (including: specific technical realization route, development process planning, development cost budget, product cost estimation table, etc.).

◆Hardware development.

◆Software development: operating system software customized transplantation, driver development and debugging, application development and debugging.

◆Productization process: stability test, optimization, and provide prototype test samples that meet functional requirements.

◆Technical documents: hardware technical documents, software technical documents.

◆Product mass production: small batch trial production.

Mass production: finalized and archived software and hardware technical documents.

You only need to provide relevant functional requirements, and our experienced embedded R&D team will provide you with satisfactory development board products. If you have any intention to customize the development board, please contact K-free customer service.