Fire inspection solution
Release date: 2021/11/10 18:24:12

With the society's requirements for fire safety and the continuous improvement of people's awareness of fire safety, the application of fire protection facilities in buildings is becoming more and more popular. These facilities are related to the safety of the lives and property of the people in the building, and whether they are in good condition is very important. The development of professionals in the fire protection industry is far from meeting the needs of the current industry. It is difficult to find personnel and the cost of methods is too high to form a normalized management model. Without suitable tools, the cost of supervision is too high, the data sources are not timely and untrue, and hidden dangers cannot be dealt with in time.

         In this industry development situation, we discussed a set of smart fire management solutions, the main functions include: fire geographic information function, notification function, hidden danger management function, intelligent reporting function, work reminder function, supervision and inspection function, online spot check function , The establishment of fire protection organizations, the establishment of fire management personnel, the division of fire protection responsibilities, and the management of fire protection assets.

         The smart firefighting platform implements dynamic filling in the files without too much manpower. The handheld terminal has been used to input relevant information of the unit during the inspection process. At the same time, it applies advanced RFID technology, 4G technology, and network interconnection technology to realize the authenticity and real-time of the information. . It saves manpower, material resources and financial resources, and facilitates the management of fire protection by enterprises.

         The handheld terminal organically embeds the daily asset management work into the asset management system, realizes the recording of tasks, locations, objects, time and other information involved in the daily operation process of the assets, and introduces the SMS reminder and alarm function. Effective supervision of work reduces the pressure of daily management of fire protection assets, saves the cost of investing a large amount of manpower and material resources for asset inventory and unnecessary allocation every year, avoids asset loss caused by various factors, and improves fire management efficiency.


Application value of smart fire protection system:

1. Be able to register fire-related personnel, and realize fire management appointing and post, responsibility to individual and work process standardization.

2. The notification notification function provides a platform for government supervision departments, units and technical personnel to interact with each other in fire protection information, which is conducive to effective communication and cost saving between supervision departments, units and technical personnel.

3. As long as the supervisory unit has a network, it can implement spot checks on enterprises in the jurisdiction, mobile office, convenient and agile, and save the time, manpower and material resources of the supervision unit to reach the enterprise to spot checks.

4. Replace the extensive management of manpower through refined and scientific methods.

5. Reduce the management responsibility of the responsible person by reducing the probability of fire.